Woody Jackson

"I love your products! It is the most musical oscillator I have ever used.
Truly a creative extension of my brain."

Red Berry Records

"I must say, I am really impressed with the SW904 and the SWcp3...but differently.
Your filter sounds way more smoother, with girth and a lovely bottom end.
The resonance is very different, yours is noiseless ,even at the same vca level.
Anyways, I am a happy camper.
The mixer over drives nicely too!
The goods were really well packed, well built and I would have no hesitation in
recommending your products."


"We have been looking for a modular synthesizer, known from the good old days, for quite a while. By chance we met Gerhard from SYNTH-WERK and have been immediately hooked by their analog synthesizers. You could hear immediately the quality of their handcrafted machines and could feel the organic life of its own. We are using a lot of Synthesizers in our music and therefore it is extremely important for use that the sound stays organic. The modular system is creating sudden new sounds which have influenced our new album intensively.
Gerhard and his modular synthesizer have helped us to get a major step closer to our vision of sound."

"The SW904A sounds more Moogy and more ELP-like than any of the other filters I own."

Larry Slosar, Seatttle USA

Aliens Project

"In my opinion SYNTH-WERK offers the best moog clones on the market. They sound fantastic and the design and quality is outstanding. It is a real pleasure to work with the guys from SYNTH-WERK."

Bernd-Michael Land  (ALIENS PROJECT)

"the sound is monster"

Seho, Taiwan

"I must say, I'm extremely impressed at the quality of the manufacturing and have to congratulate you. They look and feel excellent. The packaging was top notch, and I couldn't have asked for anything more. You are doing great work...
…had another play tonight and it sounds extremely good. Oscillators are tracking nicely over 4 octaves. I'm very impressed by the VCF, EGs and VCA they're very clean and dynamic.  The mixer saturates in the nicest of ways. I feel right at home on this system."

Justin Mammarella, Australia

"The incredible power of the myth of Tarkus (ELP) is today here in my studio, thanks to SYNTH-WERK"

Professor Gaetano Maria di Giorgio, Messina Italy

"Everything is working beautifully! Both the audio and construction are great. You have the best 901 clones made!"

Keith, Australia

"Gerhard – my SW 984 mixer is fantastic. Great capability, great sound, especially driven into the warmer regions."  Thanks again, Peter

Peter DeVault, Verona WI  USA

"Thank you so much for the modules. The quality and attention to detail is better than any manufacturer that I have ever purchased from. I will be purchasing again and will tell everyone about your great service."

William, USA

Thank you for 901abb modules. All the things from packaging to how the modules sounds are on the top class! I really like this approach for products building. Before playing with Synth-Werk 901abb set I thought that 901 sounds like 921 clones that I already have. It was a really surprise for me that the difference is not a subtle. You just need to spend some in playing some sequences and riffs and find that imperfections in tune, waveforms give you a unique organic sound. The sound which I think before you can only achieve with old vintage synthesizers. Without any doubts Synth-Werk modules will be in my MU modular system and help me to share my ideas in music.
At this moment I think that SW quality is the best of the all products that I have ever ordered from dozens of engineering companies.
Thank you for your products.

Ivan, St. Petersburg, Russia