Moog Clinic

We are now officially open our R.A.MOOG clinic for everybody who needs help for vintage and reissue Moog Modular systems.
We do this since very long time for our customers but we want to open it for everybody…



Original Moog Modules are very rare and expensive these days. Especially the 901A Oscillator controller and 901B oscillator. If you have a single 901A and 901B in your system and you wish to extend it to an oscillator bank... No problem! We can replace the missing modules by SYNTH-WERK modules and either retune the whole oscillator bank to fullfill the original specifications when it has left the Trumansburg factory many years ago, or we can adjust the SYNTH-WERK modules to the aged waveforms of the Moog 901B oscillators (see picture).

All SYNTH-WERK modules can be modified to run on +12V and -6V. SW911,SW911A and SW912 can be modified to run on S-Trigger, including Chinch-Jones connector.



For questions concerning  Minimoog or Memorymoog please contact our friend Rudi Linhard…

Franziska-Barbara Str. 10
91452 Wilhermsdorf